We are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

We are Hiring!

Our mission is to continue to be the premier veterinary hospital for the residents of San Ramon and the greater Tri-Valley community. We continually strive to provide the highest quality veterinary care available by a team of dedicated professionals practicing modern medicine. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service and ethical standards, and we are devoted to providing a caring environment that treats people and animals with dignity, compassion, and respect.


Applicants meeting the requirements of any open position will be contacted via telephone within one week of resume submittal for an initial screening. Successful candidates will then be invited back for a working interview.

Resumes can be submitted via email to margaret.simuro@webvets.com

Current Positions Available :

  • Veterinarian Full-Time

  • Veterinarian Part-Time & Relief

  • Veterinary Technician Full-Time

  • Veterinary Technician Part-Time & Relief

  • Veterinary Receptionist Part-Time & Relief

Pre-Veterinary Students & Veterinary Technician Internship & Externship Opportunities
Amador Valley Veterinary Center offers internship positions for Pre-Veterinary students, and students in training to become Registered Veterinary Technicians. If you are interested in these opportunities please email Margaret at margaret.simuro@webvets.com.

We work closely with the following Veterinary Technician Schools:

  • Carrington College

  • Foothill College

If you are a student at either of the above Veterinary Technician training programs and are interested in completing your externship at Amador Valley Veterinary Center, please contact your current program director. All Externs require an interview with our Technician Training Manager before acceptance.

Veterinary Student Externship Opportunities
Amador Valley Veterinary Center offers veterinary student externship opportunities year-round for periods of 1-4 weeks for 3rd and 4th-year veterinary students with Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care. Only one extern is present at any given time to provide each student with the most hands‐on experience possible. Veterinary students are also offered the opportunity to learn about business operations, client communications, and specialized areas of the practice – Holistic, Internal, Exotic and Reproductive Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

Goals of Externship Experience: In addition to giving students experience by assisting with general surgery, specialty surgery, advanced procedures (laparoscopy), and diagnostics (ultrasound), students will also receive exposure to and assistance with other areas of Veterinary Medicine

The Externship will:

  • Expose the student to client relations, practice management, and problem-solving.

  • Facilitate the student's transition from the academic environment to the hands‐on world of clinical veterinary practice.

  • Allow the student to experience how veterinarians obtain the confidence and goodwill of clients.

  • Give the student the opportunity to identify the legal, ethical, and moral challenges associated with veterinary practice and to judge how they would respond in such situations.

  • Enable the student to recognize the benefits of successful practice management.

It is anticipated that students will come to appreciate the day-to-day role of the various employees in a veterinary practice, their contributions to a smoothly functioning hospital, and the importance fo everyone being a team player.

Students will have the opportunity to shadow various veterinarians during appointments, will be responsible for developing problem lists and treatment plans (including diagnostic and surgical recommendations), and will be responsible for assisting veterinarians and veterinary staff with monitoring cases. Hands-on experience with diagnostic and surgery will be supported as much as possible.

Depending on the time of year housing may be available for visiting students.

For questions please email: margaret.simuro@webvets.com

To apply for an externship in 2020-2022 please click here

Volunteer Opportunities
We do not have any volunteer opportunities available at Amador Valley Veterinary Center – we do however recommend that you contact other animal service organizations.

  • ​​​​​​​ARF

  • Paws in Need

  • TVAR

  • Valley Humane Society

  • East Bay SPCA

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